To Those Who Protect and Serve…the UTILID phone case is for YOU!

Police officers…Security officers…Military officers…FireFighters…anyone who has the need to carry a badge and credentials this cell phone case is for YOU!

This cell phone case is the perfect solution for carrying any type of badge. It allows you to carry your phone, ID, credentials and even a little cash and/or credit cards. The UtilID cell phone case is made in the USA and who doesn’t love that!  It is currently for the iPhone 6 and 6S but will soon be available for other cell phones.




Let me introduce you the the gentleman behind this product, his name is Jeff Angell and he is from my small town of Ellington, Connecticut!

Jeff was a police officer for 17 years, but is now retired from Law Enforcement. For many years, he knew what it was like to not only carry his badge but his agency credentials as well. He also became aware of the need for proper identification as a basic necessity while off duty. If you are in this line of work,  you know your wallets take a beating from carrying a badge and pockets are overstuffed unless you carry a separate ID holder. The choice to leave your credentials in your car or at home is not a option. Can you imagine a day without your cell phone? So it became clear to Jeff there was a need for the perfect badge storage and access solution…thus the UtilID badge cell phone case was born. Congrats to Jeff on his innovative idea!

He’s on his way to success and I wish him the best. Thank you Jeff for the wonderful opportunity to work along side of you photographing your cell phone case and it’s packaging. It was a true pleasure and I look forward to more commercial shoots for the new phone cases as they become available.

To learn more about the UtilID and to order yours today head on over to Jeff’s site here.