Theme for this week  “Words.”

This week there were so many things I could have photographed…verses, phrases or words that meant something to me, but what I decided to photograph was a card

I received 10 years ago from a very dear friend.  A card that truly changed the course of my life forever.  A card that is still on my refrigerator today and always will be.

Little did my friend Dani know that through the words on that card, she was encouraging me to look deeper into my heart…let me explain briefly.

Just before getting married, my husband and I were planning on not having any children.

When I shared this with family and friends many were quite shocked…thinking I had so much to give a child.

At the time, I talked with so many people to see if I was making the right decision and I knew it would be a tough one. I had always thought I would be a Mom.

Then one day Dani’s card arrived in the mail and it hit me so hard…these are the words,

“One hundred years from now it won’t matter…

• what car I drove

• what kind of house I lived in

• how much I had in my bank account

• nor what my clothes looked like…

but the world may be a little better

because I was important in the life of a child.”

I cried, I prayed and I sat still in awe.  What was I going to do?  What were we going to do? Well…you know what our decision was…we decided to have a child.

One child that would bring us such joy.  One child that will grow up and someday have a legacy of his own.

So…when we believe and trust in someone else, God uses them to touch our heart and help us to see beyond ourselves.

Perhaps to give us encouragement, give us direction or give us the strength we may need to make a change.

So I thank you Dani, with all my heart for caring enough about me to send that card.

For knowing me in such a way, that you knew the words that spoke to your heart, would also speak to mine and have an impact on life forever.

I love you and will forever be grateful.

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  • Nancy Lester ClappMarch 5, 2011 - 7:47 am

    This card is so beautiful! It’s like God was talking to you through the card. I am so happy you listened to your heart…you are indeed blessed!ReplyCancel