“Dreams Do Come True”

I just had the most amazing 4 days!  I was extremely blessed to attend the 62nd Annual CTPPA (Connecticut Professional Photographers Association) Convention in Windsor, Connecticut.

It was four very full days of listening and learning from top photographers from all over America while they shared with us their secrets in rising to the top!  I had the pleasure of meeting Jim Lersch, Tim Kelly, Janice Wendt along with some of my favorite folks Zach and Jody Gray, Justin and Mary Marantz...and the one and only Jasmine Star!

I learned everything from cool ways of photographing senior portraits to new posing and lighting techniques…and even some Photoshop tricks of the trade!

Sunday night we had an off camera flash workshop that went from 10:30pm-1:00am! Talk about tired…but I was on fire!  It was just amazing!!  Thank you Zach Gray!

I must say they were all truly remarkable speakers but Jasmine Star was my absolute favorite!  Why?  She has even more energy than I do and is extremely quick and witty!  I loved her!  She kept us on the edge of our seats and laughing constantly.

Jasmine is one of the top wedding photographers in America and only started her photography career in 2006!  That’s fast…that’s amazing!  She has made a name for herself!  She’s on fire and on a roll!

It was extremely inspirational and motivating to listen to Jasmine tell her story!  She’s hit a few bumps on her road to success and has also had some very lucky breaks…but like she shared with all of us over and over again the old story of the tortoise and the hare. The tortoise may be slow… but he always WINS!  Little by little…small changes along the way I too will get there!  It’s a journey and I’m loving the road I’m traveling, the people I’m meeting along the way and the memories I making!  I am blessed…truly blessed!  Can I hear an Amen?!

Like Jasmine say’s “ *GIVE  *HELP  *CONNECT  * LOVE”… these things will not only bring you happiness they will bring you success!


“Zach and Jody Gray “


“Justin and Mary Marantz along with a very tired me!”

“Jasmine Star”

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