CT Ellington Photographer Places Finalist in International Photo Contest


The results are in from the 2017 “Shoot and Share” International Contest and I’m so proud that some of my images made it into the top 30% or better being that over 323,00o images were submitted.

Take a few moments, learn a bit about this wonderful contest and maybe I’ll even entice you to participate next year.

It all began back in January…I received an email from Shoot&Share that it’s time to think about getting your entries together for the Shoot&Share International Photo Contest.

Wow, I’m in the middle of revamping my entire website but I must pause, change hats, think about my work and if there are any images I might want to enter in this years contest.

Since I have entered the contest the past two years, I felt I must try again. The contest is fun…it’s fair from the stand point that anyone can enter from moms with cameras, to true professional photographers who make their living from their work. There’s one thing we all have in common…we share the same passion and love for photography.

Photographers from all over the world are allowed to submit up to 50 images in 25 different categories. Anyone can vote! Voters do not know who submitted what images. During the voting process four images appear on the screen and you just select the one you like best and then the next 4 will appear.

The next three images will give you an idea of how the images appear on your screen.

The voting is fun and exciting! It’s great to see such a variety of photographs but watch out it’s very addicting! I will catch myself sitting at my computer, on my laptop, on my phone voting and before I know an hour or more has gone by.  So plan this into your schedule to spend hours…for weeks voting from February 1st into March.

This contest is much different then contests I have entered before like PPA (Professional Photographers Of America) where there are 12 elements of an image to merit and it’s tough but an awesome learning experience and way to really improve your work. This contest is more for enjoyment for photographers by photographers and truly meant to bring our photo community together. It’s a community who shoot and share their work. You can also join the Shoot and Share Facebook group.

This year I decided to broaden my horizon and enter more images in different categories. I love my portrait photography but I also love my still life, the beauty I see everyday around me.  When I have entered this contest in the past, the images I truly thought would do really well to my surprise didn’t and the ones I was questioning did really well so you never know.

For 2017 Shoot and Share contest to my surprise, I was thrilled that some of my images made it to the top 30%, 20% and 10%. Six images were finalists. I proud and happy being that there were over 323,000 images submitted this year from over 105 different countries and millions voted!

I would like to extend a big thank you to all my clients that made this possible. I am thankful and grateful that they allow me to capture such treasured moments for them.

My work may have not made it into the top 100 this year but I am beyond blessed to have some images make finalists and most of all be able to have and enjoy a job that I am completely in love with. I look forward to 2017, new clients and photographing memories that may just be in next years contest.

So pick up your camera and start capturing life around you!

These images below were winners!