{ Project 52 – Week 15 }


Theme for this week “How Others See You.”

I must say it’s hard for most people to talk about themselves when we have been taught to be humble.  So when it came to this week’s theme I had a couple of ideas come to mind but decided to ask a few friends to help me out by asking them to describe me…or better yet if they could describe me in a photo what would it be like.

They came up with some great descriptions.  Even my 9 year old son Michael told me he sees his Mom as beautiful, smart, fun, athletic, good cook, kind, and an artist.  His kind words made my day!  Most friends described me as having tons of energy, full of life, classy, intelligent, gentle, kind, creative, artistic, lover of nature, lover of God.

This weeks theme was like a life lesson and I was very touched by all the kind things everyone said…they truly warmed my heart.

I decided to combine the words written to me from a few people in my life.  Here is how they described me…I’d rather use their words than mine.

I see you as beautiful rushing waterfall…constantly moving and flowing to a beat all your own.  Always surrounded by nature’s beauty (your family) and during those stormy times in life, you bubble all over the place being washed by the sheer force of life’s circumstances. However…somewhere down the path, you sense God slowing you down. He puts His hand of peace on you and your powerful waterfall slows to a more constant motion.  Like the wind…gentle not forceful…kind of playful.  I also see the sun because you’re warm…and tender flowers blooming…because your words bring life.

A big hug and thanks to all who helped with this weeks theme…your words and thoughts I will forever cherish.

joyfulreflectionsphotography.com_CT Waterfall

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Shirley Todd - April 13, 2011 - 10:06 am

Your web sight is beautiful and very creative. Your blog is done very well, too. Interesting views 🙂 I agree.

Wendy Kane - April 13, 2011 - 10:34 pm

I love this week’s lesson. So beautifully put Catherine and I would agree whole heartedly.

Sandy Henry - April 13, 2011 - 11:05 pm

Catherine..This past year I have really seen you blossom. I know it’s because you have put your love of photography into a passion and a business but also you have changed. You don’t take things as seriously as you use to not sure if it’s age or if it’s you just “found your place” but whatever it is, you have this new calmness around you. I’ve always loved you. I know you know that but my heart is so warmed to see you blossom in this business. The joy you get from your passion is so wonderful to see as your friend. I just want you to know it warms my heart to see you doing things that make you happy because really it’s true when we are happy we can make others happy and pass it on. You maybe not even knowing it have helped me realize this and I thank you for sharing it. Love you my friend. You have so much more to offer the world…thank you for sharing your gift of you.

Catherine - April 16, 2011 - 7:57 am

Ladies~ Thank you all so much for your kind words. I am grateful for all of you!

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