101 Goals

I’ve been following a few photographer friends who are embarking on an endeavor of making a list of 101 goals! I love the idea of setting goals, writing them down and motivating myself to accomplished them. So I decided I was going to embark upon this endeavor myself.

This became a thought provoking assignment for me, thinking of all those goals, 101 goals is actually quite a lot to come up with. Goals to help me feel good and move forward on my life’s journey. We should all have life goals!

I been reading more and more these days about living a life of meaning, living with a purpose and for something you are truly passionate about. Creating a life that empowers you to not only discover who you are but the talents and gifts you have been given and to use these gifts to live a life with meaning. To open up your heart and mind to all you can make possible in this world.

With that, I’ve done much soul searching, trying to determine the things that I am truly passionate about, so that I may pursue them now as I begin a new chapter in my life, starting my own photography business as the year 50 quickly approaches. I do not want to get to the end of my life, look back and wish I had spent my time differently. So this is a great way for me to put down on paper the things that I truly desire to accomplish as part of my life’s journey, business related, as well as family and many other adventurous things too. As George Eliot said, “It’s never too late to become what you might have been”.

As I live my life, I will continue to be in conversation with my inner self and God, always open to opportunities that may arise and where life’s paths may lead me. I am excited about accomplishing these goals and will be keeping track of each goal I complete right here so you too can watch my progress. I would love your support and your feedback is graciously always welcome!

If you have any thoughts or advice on how I can accomplish any of these goals, please, please let me know in my comments box!

So here is my list of 101 goals that I will complete within a time period of 1001 days. These goals are in no particular order, for the most part written down as they randomly came to me.

My start day is September 1, 2009  Striving to complete these goals by the time I’m 55!! (But I’m not telling you when that’s going to be!) 

1. Buy a Mac computer (Charles bought me an iMac 24″ for my birthday 9/2009)

2. Learn Lightroom software (Purchased 9/2009)

3. Find good legal music to use on my website (Completed 6/2010 – Lucky me…I won a gift certificate to Triple Scoop Music at the Sandy Puc Worldwide Tour!)

4. Read my Bible everyday for a year

5. Write a love letter to my wonderful husband Charles (Completed 10/8/2010 – For our 10th Wedding Anniversary!)

6. Create 10 year anniversary book for Charles

7. Have fresh flowers in our home everyday for a year (Completed and I try to constantly  have fresh flowers in my house at all times…it doesn’t cost much and it makes me feel special!)

8. Decorate walls in our home with my photography

9. Exercise 3 times a week for 6 months

10. Paint and decorate our guest room (Completed 7/2011 – Painted just in time to host Ana Marti our exchange student who came to visit us for 3 weeks from Spain) 

11. Date night with Charles twice a month for a year

12. Write a love letter to my precious son Michael (Completed 2012 – Wrote a letter to Michael for Social Studies as if he was a soldier during the Revolutionary War…it was one of the most difficult letters I’ve ever written).

13. Take 3 photography workshops to benefit my business (Completed 6/2010 – “Studio Lighting” with David Piazza, ” Spread the Love” with Mary and Justin Marantz, and Sandy Puc’ 2010 Family Tour – Secrets of a Master Photographer )

14. Read one book per month for 3 months to benefit my business (Completed 8/2010 -” The Digital Photography Book”  Volumes 1-3 by Scott Kelby, “Photographing Children” by Ginny Felch and Allison Tyler Jones, “The Art Of People Photography” by Bambi Cantrell and Skip Cohen along with a couple of  technical Lightroom and Photoshop books)

15. Have boudoir photos done before I’m 50! (Completed 9/20/2010 -I decided no boudoir photos, but just some photos taken of me being me! – Gratefully taken by my good friend Cheryl Chamberlain)

16. Create an organized home office

17. Have one of my photos displayed in a public place

18. Go horse back riding on a beach

19. Randomly send someone some small item they mentioned wanting

20. Take 3 good friends to lunch on their birthday (Completed in 2011)

21. Do something to raise awareness of Scleroderma (Completed 8/2010 -I posted a powerful video on FB and sent it through email… and I plan to do more!)

22. Donate blood

23. Have a girls weekend retreat

24. Host a fancy dinner party for friends

25. Buy a full frame camera (Purchased Nikon D700 May 2012)

26. Buy a really good tripod and ball head (Completed November 2010- Purchased a Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod and Manfrotto 322RC2 Grip Action Ball Head–love them both!)

27. Stay at a spa

28. Weekend visit with my friend Sandy (Completed April 16-17, 2011 and was it wonderful to spend some time together and catch up on things!)

29. Play golf as a family

30. Renew CPR–online cprtoday.com

31. Convert home videos to DVD

32. Put together Album or Scrapbook of honey moon pictures

33. Mail a personal note to 10 friends(Completed 4/5/11 and I actually spent time writing personal hand notes to 13 friends. This was also a gift as part of my 29 Day Gift Challenge)

34. Have a date with my Dad (I will have my date with Dad in Heaven since he left his life here on Earth on May 13, 2010)

35. Photograph my parents (Completed 9/28/09 at Watersedge)

36. Adopt a family at Christmas

37. Find a prayer partner and stick together for 3 months

38. Make a homemade apple pie from scratch with Mom(Competed 9/12/09 finally!)

39. Help Michael write a letter to President Obama (Completed 2/24/2011)

40. Enter Ellington calendar photo contest

41. Go to a museum I haven’t visited (Completed 3/26/10- CT Science Center with the Cub Scouts)

42. Hook up and learn how to operate the Epson photo printer (Completed December 2011 )

43. Buy a GPS for my car (Christmas gift from Charles 12/25/09)

44. Organize my craft room

45. Teach Michael more photography skills – shoot in manual

46. Open our home to a work study student from another country (Completed 8/2011 – We hosted Ana Marti from Spain and it was the most wonderful experience!) https://joyfulreflectionsphotography.com/blog/2011/07/welcome-ana-marti/

47. Go roller blading once a month for 3 months

48. Lift weights once a week for a year

49. Attend Macy’s Day parade in NYC

50. Make bread from scratch

51. Plant blueberry bushes

52. Awake to watch a sunrise (Completed August 30,2010 when I went on a photo shoot with friends. It was awesome…love getting up this early!)

53. Get some canvas prints made for my office (Completed January 2012)

54. Be a 2nd shooter for a wedding (Completed October 2010 – Joe and Karen’s Wedding – I was the 2nd shooter for Kelly of  www.kellygallivanphotography.com)

55. Do a daily gratitude journal for a year (Started February 14, 2011)

56. Enter my images in a print competition (Completed October 2012 – CTPPA -Connecticut Professional Photographers Association and  it was a fantastic experience!  

57. Have a girls night out with High School friends and I

58. Make Cream Brulee’

59. Go on a Missions trip or be involved in a Missions project

60. Make a scrapbook of Michael’s 1st year

61. Take a Zumba, dance or yoga class (Joined the YMCA  in January 2012 and loving yoga class!)

62. Go on a white-water rafting trip as a family

63. Family vacation to Disney World when the park is decorated for Christmas (Completed December 6,2010 the most magical family Christmas gift this year!)

64. Project 365 photo a day (Completed January 7, 2011)

65. Family trip to Washington, DC

66. Take a small vacation with just my hubby (Completed July 2010 – Charles and I went away to Maine to celebrate my 50th!)

67. Create family photo wall leading to our basement

68. Take pictures of children up for adoption- join organization (Completed April 19, 2011 – I joined Heart Gallery of CT)

69. Go to Ridin’ High dude ranch for a weekend

70. Take a Gardening class

71. Revisit Old Quebec

72. Reconnect with an old friend and visit (Completed October 2010 – I met an old high school friend, Diane Diederich for lunch..we reconnected through Facebook this past year.  It was so exciting to see her in person and chat about all the things that are happening in our lives. We are both photographers now, so we have lots in common!)

73. Join a small class/group at church

74. Get my name out in local schools for Senior Portraits

75. Do a “me in action” photography shoot video post for my blog

76. Take another Floral Design class (Competed April 2011 and loved every class!)

77. Photograph my jewelry for insurance purposes

78. Photograph interior of our home for insurance purposes

79. Update trust portfolio

80. Learn where all our money is invested

81. Sing in Trinity Covenant Christmas concert

82. Pizza family cook off

83. Family gathering once a month for a year

84. Take a small trip with Mom and my sister Rose (Completed May 2011 – I joined Mom and Rose in Florida for a long weekend of fun together…it was great!  We need to do this more often!)

85. Go to Niagara Falls

86. Visit 5 states I’ve never been to with my family

87. Two camping weekends in a summer

88. Tape record Mom and Dad telling stories

89. Attend a woman’s spiritually weekend

90. Become a member of a photography club, group or organization (I joined a few photography groups…CT PUG, Shooters Gallery Photography Club and a Photography Meetup group)

91. Make a stepping stone of Charles handprint

92. Finish Disney album

93. Host a neighborhood get together

94. Family game night once a week for 3 months

95. Take a European vacation

96. Sleepover night at Noni’s with Michael (Michael and Mom had a sleepover weekend 10/12-10/13 2009)

97. Take photographs creating silhouettes in the sunset

98. Get a hot tub or steam shower

99. Use my fondue set

100. Convert backyard hill into gardens with stonewalls

101. Buy two kayaks

sandy Henry - September 9, 2010 - 1:38 am

Wow you have some amazing goals…best of luck to you!

Tina - January 26, 2011 - 4:30 am

That is very helpful…thanks for sharing it with all of us. It presented me a number of ideas and I’ll be placing them on my blog eventually. I’m bookmarking your website and I’ll be back. Thank you again!

Suzanne Kempf - January 29, 2011 - 9:33 pm

I love your artistic insight in all the pictures you take. It’s easy to see that photograpy inspires you to capture the real person behind the picture. Follow your dream, it’s apparent that you’ve found “your mushroom”. (What we all look for). Best of luck to you my friend. Suzanne

Catherine - January 31, 2011 - 7:13 am

Ladies~ Thank you all for your wonderful compliments! These are some solid goals to try and complete but I am inspired by you and many others to try and complete them. This is why I decided to blog my goals…they’re written down and more concrete when I know I have others watching me to see which ones I truly accomplish.
Suzanne~ You’re a wonderful friend and I’m so glad we never lost touch with each other. Your words mean so much to me. Love you!

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