Best Face 2012 ~ Photo Challenge

Best Face 2012 ~ I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

It’s a new year and for me new photo challenges.  This challenge is the very best of the B E S T faces for 2012 sponsored by I Heart Faces.   What a decision I had to make and I struggled with my choice.  I had one fantastic and exciting 2012 photographing all kinds of faces…happy, funny, sad, serious, mysterious and to chose one that would represent my best work for the year was just about an impossible task.  I spent a great deal of time going back though my five star photos and I was stuck between two photos but decided to go with this one.

This image of Laina was taken while practicing photographing with a veil.  One of the things I learned this past year was to always carry two pieces of lace with you in your camera bag.  One being white and the other black.  Why you may ask?  So can become even more creative with your images and there are so many ideas for using lace.  I love how we placed the lace over Laina’s face and how it wrapped perfectly around her nose yet I could still see those beautiful eyes looking right back at me.

So congrats to Laina for being Joyful Reflections Photography’s “Best Face of 2012”.  Would you like to see other amazing entries…then head on over to I Heart Faces blog.  If you see an image that speaks to your heart…leave a little love and bring some joy to the artist.

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