It happened all in a day.  Storm Irene…down graded from a hurricane to a tropical storm.  Would she hold a punch? Our family, like so many others we weathered the storm…waiting, watching, wondering…what would she bring? We went to sleep Saturday night watching the rain came down..worried? A bit. We prepared…bought extra food, extra water, […]

{ Project 52 – Week 34 }

Theme for this week was “Connections.” I chose this photo because the balloons were making a connection being all intertwined with one another. This is my precious grand-daughter Natalie holding onto the balloons so tightly so they wouldn’t blow away.  I was lucky enough to capture this shot. You may be wondering why Natalie is […]


Each year…and around this time of year, Michael and Mom have the arrival of something very special sort of magical…something so beautiful…butterflies. Yes, every summer caterpillars…particularly parsley worms or black swallowtail worms start munching on the parsley growing in my garden.  So…to save my parsley we gather the caterpillars and put them into a container. […]

The Fort.

Two boys. Two days. Together they build a fort. One son, one grandson…buddies for life. Michael and Andrew two young boys with many skills. Working diligently together cutting downs trees, removing leaves, tying them together to form a tepee shape fort. Then came the sign and painted on it “The Fort.” Michael loves to watch […]

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